General Accident

  1. Workmen’s Compensation (WC)

Workman’s compensation policy, relieves you of the legal liability for accidental bodily injury or disease to any employee arising from your business activity, we will take that responsibility of providing compensation in event of such incidents. The Workman’s Compensation policy cover is provided as per the provisions of the UAE Federal Labour Law No-8 of 1980 (Chapter VIII) and subsequent amendments thereto &/or Shariah Law.

  1. Employers Liability

Issues as an extension to Workman’s compensation and as a stand-alone policy, Employers Liability Insurance indemnifies employers from paying compensation which is legally required under the Common Law for personnel injury or death caused during the course of employment.

  1. Professional Indemnity

The professional Indemnity Insurance offers coverage against claims resulting from financial loss due to errors committed during the performance of business activities. Policyholders are identified from paying the legal liability in the event of breach of duty of professional service, arising due to the reason of negligence, error or omission committed of alleged to have committed during the policy period.

  1. Public Liability

Public Liability policy covers your legal liability towards third party injury and property damage.

  1. Fidelity Guarantee

Keep your business protected from any act of fraud or dishonest employees.

  1. Money insurance

Cash In Safe &  Cas in Transits

Handling money, while in transit or in your safe often leaves one anxious and worried. Unexpected losses to your business in the event of robbery and theft causes unwanted setbacks.


  1. Medical malpractice Insurance.

If an error, real or perceived, results in a lawsuit, it can have severe effects on your ability to practice medicine. Protect yourself is by getting an adequate medical malpractice insurance policy in place.